Join The Association for Medical Ethics

To join the Association for Medical Ethics, you may be either a physician, dentist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, nurse, physician’s assistant, medical technician or other professional in the health care field.

AME Membership Application

Please fill out the following application form and attach your curriculum vitae below to be considered for AME membership. Once this requested information is received, it will be reviewed by the AME board and staff. AME will contact you to confirm receipt of your membership application, with any follow up questions and the next steps in the membership process.

As a medical practitioner in good standing with my state medical board in medicine, podiatry, or dentistry, I would like to join the Association for Medical Ethics (AME) in its mission to promote transparency in medical research and practice, and evidence-based medicine.

I agree with AME that there is a clear and present need to re-affirm and maintain a high level of integrity in the health care system, while also supporting ongoing open and legitimate innovation and creativity in a transparent fashion.

AME believes all persons have the full right to invent and patent products or procedures, collect royalties and earn consulting fees of any amount, as long as this represents legitimate reimbursement for inventions and services rendered and not disguised compensation for using or advocating a product. I also agree that being a member of AME requires that I have no ownership in, or receive any payments for, physician owned distributorships (PODs).

I understand, and consent, to the need for AME to perform due diligence in regard to my professional credentials as a means of confirming my qualifications for membership including but not limited to querying the National Practitioner Data Bank.

I agree that if the board of directors of AME finds me to be in violation of AME’s Ethical Rules of Disclosure that they have the right to withdraw my membership in the organization.

DECLARATION: I declare under penalty of perjury that my membership information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. As to that information, I declare under penalty of perjury that the information accurately describes as well, any related information provided to me, and that I believe it to be true.

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If you have questions regarding the AME membership form or need additional information, Contact Us here.