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About AME

The physicians of AME have joined together to provide increased public awareness on important issues such as the ethics of responsible patient care, and identification of the often-pervasive influence of the industry on many health care providers and their patients.

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You Are in Control of Your Life and Your Health

At the Association for Medical Ethics, we believe you should be treated by physicians upholding the highest standards of medical ethics to ensure the highest quality of health care. In the complex world of health care, it’s often difficult to discover your best options. To help you navigate, we’ve compiled a number of articles to give you the power of knowledge.

You are in control of your life and your health.

In the medical world, you are not alone. AME is a community of ethical doctors you can rely on to help you find the right treatment or physician for unbiased and independent treatment. This is in stark contrast to practitioners pushing the latest pill, using faulty medical devices, or using old, outdated information.

AME’s dedication to transparency in medicine has given patients like you a clearer look at the business of medicine. Because of AME, you can now find out if your doctor is a paid consultant for the drug company whose pill he just prescribed for you. Today, medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies are now required to release information about their consultants and how much they’re paid. This industry-wide mandatory transparent reporting was due in part to AME’s Herculean effort to get the Physician Sunshine Act passed. AME’s co-founder was the ONLY physician to testify before Congress for this – at the opposition of medical societies and companies alike, both of whom don’t want you to “follow the money” in research.

You need a partner in health care to accurately assess new medical information. The Association for Medical Ethics is that partner.