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Surgeons Eyed Over Deals With Medical-Device Makers

(Wall Street Journal)

Warning Over Doctor-Run Groups

(Wall Street Journal)

Medtronic Documents Spur New Questions

(Wall Street Journal)

Dr. Drew under fire for taking drug company money

(USA Today)

Kickback case costs Medtronic $23.5 million

(Star Tribune)

Did Medtronic sell an unsafe product?


A Physician-Driven Solution – The Association for Medical Ethics, The Physician Payment Sunshine Act, and Ethical Challenges in Pain Medicine

(Pain Medicine 2011; 12: 1361–1375; Wiley Periodicals, Inc.)

Dollars for Drugs Endorsements


Controversy in Neurosurgery: Unnecessary Spinal Surgery

(Surgical Neurology International)

Tipping the Odds for an Implant Maker

(NY Times)

Stanford Medical School Staff Voilate Paid Speech Policy

(San Jose Mercury News)

N.J. board penalizes 3 surgeons for failing to disclose financial stake in medical device.

( News)

A Prescription for Fear

(New York Times)

Blue Cross Blue Shield, The Healthy Zone!

The Healthy Zone – WGRZ

Medical Treatment, Out of Reach

(New York Times)

2 Senators Raise Questions on Use of Medtronic Device

(NY Times)

A Surgeon Stands Up To His Peers and Fights for the Physician Payment Sunshine Art

(Health Beat)

Top Spine Surgeons Reep Royalties, Medicare Bounty

(Wall Street Journal)

Watchdog Reports: Disjointed Regulation


MDs slash some drug co. ties amid rising scrutiny

(Yahoo! News)

Hooked: Ethics, Medicine and Pharma


Bone-Fusion protein raises questions about doctor’s financial stakes

(Journal Sentinel)

Consulting flap drives U surgeon from board

(Star Tribune)

From Medical Outcast To Surgeon General?

(The Orange County Register )

Ghostwriting: ‘What’s the harm?’

(Health Zone)

Doctors and health care industry consulting:Ethicists prescribe reform

(Twin Cities)

Stakeholders Respond to NIH Request on Transparency in Research

(FDA News)

The Medical-Industry Complex

(The Atlantic)

FDA Scientist Attacks Avandia Safety

(Wall Street Journal)

New Hips Gone Awry Expose U.S. Kickbacks inDoctors’ Conflicts


Medtronic Paid Surgeon While He Was in the Army

(New York Times)

Bill Aims To Disclose Doctor-Drugmaker Payments


Medical Device Maker Settles Conflict Inquiry in New Jersey

(New York Times)

Device Maker Synthes to Disclose Financial Ties to Doctors Under Agreement

(BNA’s Health Care Daily Report)

Study: Thousands Undergoing Expensive, Potentially Risky Spine Surgery

(Trading Markets)

Medtronic Gets Subpoena on Surgeon’s Product Study

(The Wall Street Journal)

Medtronic Gets Subpoena Regarding Disputed Study

(The New York TImes)

Boston AG Subpoenas Medtronic Over Implant Study


Medtronic Subpoenaed on Bogus US Army Surgeon Study


Prosecutors seek records in Medtronic fraud probe

(Star Tribune)

Mass. AG Subpoenas Medical Device Maker

(The Boston Globe)

Group Advises Stopping Flow of Gifts to Doctors

(New York Times)

Merck Accused of ‘Ghost Writing’ Medical Article

(The Age)

The Withdrawal of Drug Company Money

(The Los Angeles Times)

Grassley Probes Financing of Advocacy Group for Mental Health



JAMA Editor Calls Critic a “Nobody and a Nothing”

(The Wall Street Journal)

Reports Show Weaknesses in Oversight of Clinical Trials

(Pro Publica)

Side Effects | Are Doctor’s Loyalties Divided

(Journal Sentinel)

U.S. Psychiatrists To End Drug Company Seminars


Whistleblowers at FDA May be Stifled, Grassley Says (Update3)


Grassley calls on FDA leader to clarify employees’ right to speak up about agency matters

(United States Senate)

Ethics Event Spawns a Tussle of Tufts

(The Boston Globe)

Senator Broadens Inquiry Into Psychiatrist

(The Boston Globe)

Drug Maker Told Studies Would Aid It, Papers Say

(The New York Times)

Political Lobbying Drove FDA Process

(Wall Street Journal)

An Unbiased Scientific Record Should Be Everyone’s Agenda

(PLoS Medicine)

Bitter Pill

(Rolling Stone)

State Bans Drug Firm Gifts to Doctors

(The Boston Globe)

New Rules on Doctors and Medical Firms Amid Ethics Concerns

(The New York Times)

Association for Medical Ethics January 5, 2009

AME Ethical Rules of Disclosure Release

BusinessWeek May, 2008

The Doctor vs. Device Makers

Forbes February 27, 2008

Congress probes medical device payments

New York Times January 30, 2008

Financial Ties Are Cited as Issue in Spine Study

Prevention July 7, 2007

Unnecessary Operations

American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons March/April 2007

Orthopaedist-industry collaborations headed into ‘a perfect storm’

New York Times December 30, 2006

Spine as a Profit Center

Forbes November 27, 2006

Dangerous Devices

OC Registrar July 12, 2006

Help for health care coverage

The Street June 5, 2006

Suit Targets J&J Discs

Money-Driven Medicine By Maggie Mahar Money-Driven Medicine Published May, 2006

Chapter 8 – Device Makers, Drugmakers, and the FDA

The Street December 22, 2005

Hope Slips for Disc Implants

The Wall Street Journal June 7, 2005

J&J’s New Device For Spine Surgery Raises Questions

The Street May 13, 2005

J&J Discs Face Backlash

New Rules on Conflicts Proposed

(Journal Sentinel)

U.S. Probes Emory Doctor’s Glaxo Ties

(Wall Street Journal)